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Professional Development

Online & in-person professional development to share best practices and foster ed tech leadership.

Transforming Distance Education Course

Free course on distance and blended learning in a flexible format that allows practitioners to self-direct their learning by engaging in badged micro-learning.

CoLab – Equity in Online CTE Programming

World Education’s National College Transition Network and EdTech Center are collaborating with the Urban Institute and four national partners to launch the “CTE CoLab” in response to equity gaps in delivery of high-quality credit-bearing online career and technical education (CTE) programs.

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E-Learning PD

Online tools allow us to provide high-quality professional development to meet the complex needs of today’s adult education professionals.

IDEAL Consortium Institute attendees

IDEAL Consortium

The IDEAL Consortium facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration and provides technical support to a network of states working to improve distance education and blended learning programming in adult education.

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Massachusetts Career Readiness Initiative

Led by the  National College Transition Network, this project used education technology tools to align assessment methods, referrals, and enrollments across education and workforce systems to help job seekers with basic skills access greater opportunities.

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SABES: Distance Learning and Digital Literacy

The EdTech Center  and SABES PD Center for Program Support teams collaborate to help MA educators provide high quality, innovative distance and blended learning programs that build the digital literacy skills for adult learners in our programs.

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TIP: Technology Integration Project

This blended professional development initiative focused on building the capacity of New England adult educators to incorporate technology into instruction.

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Total Reading Approach for Children Plus (TRAC+)

TRAC+ consists of three key interventions designed to improve early-grade reading in Cambodia.

Career Coaching

Virginia Career Coach Course Development

The National College Transition Network (NCTN) developed a Career Coach Certification Course for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), hosted by the ETC’s E-Learning platform. 


Meeting learners’ needs in partnership with tech developers and education and community organizations.

Move Forward with Mobile Learning!

Leading a national network and developing a resource hub to support effective mobile learning in adult education programs.


Equity in mLearning

The EdTech Center and partner organizations serving immigrants and refugees will develop, pilot, and scale an inclusive mobile learning platform offering education, training and career navigation content, job referrals, badging, and other critical supports for economic mobility.

English Now!

English Now! Learning Circles Go Remote!   

World Education worked with ten programs in eight states to support the implementation of the 2018-2020 scale-up of English Now! learning circles. The learning circles aim to expand English language learning opportunities while facilitating online and peer-to-peer learning.

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Guided Pathways to Success in STEM

World Education worked with community colleges to strengthen workforce development in CIS/IT and health sciences by improving curriculum and creating more efficient career pathways.

Let's Talk Money

Let’s Talk Money

World Education, partnership with Good Return & the National Bank of Cambodia, launched a consumer awareness campaign in Cambodia to share financial education messages, promote financial literacy and promote inter-generational dialogue on financial matters.

High School Equivalency Program for Out-of-School Migrant Youth

This project is closing the gap to education access by supporting online blended learning opportunities via courses on mobile devices that can be used on and offline.

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World Education worked with the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation in Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, France, India and Indonesia on using technology to transform the learning, work and life outcomes of 25,575 disadvantaged youth, mostly girls and women.

Research & Evaluation

Research, identification and testing of new tools, emerging best practices and delivery models.

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Readability for All

This project is a collaboration with Adobe and other partners on advancing personalized readability for all individuals and other activities related to readability in digital texts.

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COVID-19 Education Response – Rapid Research Technical Working Group

Short description: The EdTech Center @ World Education convened researchers leading studies on the adult basic skills field’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Technical Working Group (TWG), analyzed their collective research efforts and co-authored a brief capturing shared high-level findings.

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Propagating Promising Practices for Literacy and Workforce Development at Libraries

World Education is partnering with the Providence, Chicago, and Los Angeles Public Libraries to test, document, and disseminate innovative practices to help adults with low skills access flexible, high-quality, technology-enabled learning opportunities.

21st Century Learning Ecosystem Opportunities (21CLEO)

The Literacy, Language, and Technology Research group (LLTR) at Portland State University and the EdTech Center are conducting a multi-phased study that will identify the factors that motivate frontline service workers to engage in learning activities. Check out our project page for more info!

Employment Technology Fund

The EdTech Center advises the newly formed Employment Technology Fund on evaluating possible investments in new technology solutions to increase economic mobility for low-income adults in the United States.

Technology Testing for Adult Learning & Employment

World Education maximizes the Employment Technology Fund’s impact in advancing economic mobility by advising developers on adapting tech tools for lower-skilled workers and by leading field testing to identify and disseminate promising practices.

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Track and Trace

World Education is conducting research into the procurement and distribution of textbooks in Cambodia using Track and Trace technology to improves the transparency and accountability of the education supply chain.

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National Immigration Forum E-Learning Strategy

The EdTech Center is advising the National Immigration Forum on solutions to maximize the effectiveness of the online learning component of their contextualized English language classes.

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Remote ESL Study

This project documents and disseminates promising, technology-enabled strategies for implementing remote ESOL instruction and support services.


Education on the power of technology for adult learning and advocacy for greater Internet and technology access.

Digital Us

Digital US is a national coalition working to ensure that all of US have technology skills and digital resilience to thrive in work and life. Digital US partners are collaborating and innovating to remove barriers to accessing technology and digital skills training. We are creating critical onramps to digital resilience and scaling what works.


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Internet Access & Affordability

The EdTech Center supports efforts providing and advocating for increased Internet access for low-income adults, teachers, and classrooms.

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Online, Blended & Mobile Learning

The EdTech Center promotes greater investments in technology and professional development for increasing access to instruction for the hardest to reach and accelerating learning and career advancement for all.

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