Read@Home Track and Trace Book Distribution

Man using tablet, unpacking books from a truck

Read@Home (R@H) is an unprecedented effort to get reading, learning, and play materials into homes, led by the Education Global Practice at The World Bank Group. The initiative focuses on families who are unlikely to be reached with the remote learning approaches being rolled out by ministries of education (illiterate or semi-literate parents and families with no internet, no smart phones, but possibly some access to feature phones, radio, and/or TV).

Tools to help parents and family members support younger children’s learning will be developed and distributed along with the materials for children. The effort will align with and complement governments’ distance learning efforts where possible, to ensure a wrap-around approach to learning at home, but—crucially—will be designed to stand-alone for those families that cannot access any institutionally-linked or technology-enabled efforts.

Countries typically face two key challenges that must be addressed to improve book supply chains: end-to-end visibility of data to drive the supply chain and leadership and commitment throughout stakeholder organizations in establishing the importance of data to inform decisions and track performance.

World Education and partner, JSI, are assisting the World Bank in providing advisory services to clients for strengthening supply chains in Read@Home target countries. Specifically, the work focuses on how to best monitor the distribution of books to minimize leaks in the book supply chain.