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Digital inclusion, EdTech Integration, Innovations from the field, Technology Field Testing, Workforce Development
Leveraging Liquid Mode to Scale Access and Use of Digital Materials
Since 2019, the EdTech Center @ World Education has partnered with Adobe and The Readability Consortium to advance the field of digital text readability. Our work helps to mitigate the challenges faced by those who access information on their smartphone
July 2024
Distance education and blended learning, EdTech Integration
Remote Instruction Observation Tool
This tool is designed to observe synchronous remote instruction. The tool is not meant to be used for evaluation purposes. Rather, it’s a resource to: Describe what good remote instruction for adult basic education learners looks like. Self-assess remote
June 2024
Guide, Program Support Tool
Artificial Intelligence (AI), EdTech Integration
AI Integration Framework
This framework is designed to serve as a guide for integrating the use of AI in education and training settings with diverse adult learners and workers. It outlines critical considerations across six dimensions to ensure the use of AI aligns with educational
May 2024
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI Literacy Matters
AI literacy is essential in today’s digital age as it underpins the ability to navigate, understand, and influence the AI-enhanced systems that permeate aspects of our interconnected lives—from our family dynamics and community interactions to our
May 2024
Guide, Publication
Artificial Intelligence (AI), EdTech Integration, Tech tools and tips
AI Tools for Teachers and Trainers
This list has been compiled and curated through our work with educators in CampGPT. It is not comprehensive. It is intended to be a starting point for educators to explore new AI tools along with AI features that are now available in existing edtech tools.
March 2024
Digital Application, Guide
Open Education Resources
Promising Practices and Lessons Learned from Early Implementation of the TSTM Framework
This brief highlights key findings from the first component of The Teaching Skills That Matter (TSTM)-SkillBlox Instructional Support Pilot—an implementation study of the TSTM framework. Findings from this study—including promising practices and lessons
January 2024
Digital inclusion, ESOL, Open Education Resources
Advocating for Digital Equity: A Facilitator Guide for Catalyzing Immigrant and Refugee Community Members
The Transforming Immigrant Digital Equity (TIDE) project was born out of a critical need to engage and educate service providers and policymakers in three overlapping spaces: adult English language learning, digital equity and inclusion, and immigrant
January 2024
Digital inclusion, Digital literacy, Distance education and blended learning
Cambodia Digital Education Landscape Scan
From October 2022 to January 2023, World Education conducted a Cambodia Digital Education landscape scan to map existing efforts and assess their quality, effectiveness and impact, accessibility and adoption, and efficiency and sustainability. The goal of
November 2023