Our Work

Advances in digital technologies, when designed and implemented responsibly, can mitigate a range of challenges in education systems around the world. World Education’s award-winning EdTech Center (ETC) works with educators, employers, local partners, youth, families, communities and other system-wide stakeholders in the integration of digital tools and solutions to improve the quality of life and learning outcomes. 

As a trusted partner of state and national governments, funders, and multilateral organizations worldwide, we build local resilience and ownership by applying inclusive, participatory design approaches to our work. From just-in-time mobile learning for frontline workers to early literacy learning apps, to track-and-trace systems for education supply chains, we help countries and partners build and strengthen education systems. Our staff and global network of partners are experts on digital learning and lead diverse projects both in the United States and internationally.

Our main strategies include:

Unlocking Opportunity through Inclusive, Responsible and Accessible Digital Learning Solutions

Join us in creating a world in which every learner and teacher has access to existing and emerging technologies. A world where we all have the digital literacy to leverage these tools to accelerate learning, economic mobility and career advancement.



Almost half of the world’s population, the majority of them women, are still offline.



Over 80% of the world’s population uses a mobile phone



Over half of US adults are hesitant to use digital tools for learning



76% of US households without broadband are in urban, low-income communities of color

Featured Projects

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