EdTech Strategy Sessions

EdTech Strategy Sessions

Every month, our virtual strategy sessions convene two lightning talk speakers to share innovative edtech and digital equity strategies.

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November 2023
Texas’ Call Center
Explore the Texas Distance Education Call Center’s origin, importance, services, and two-year impact on Texas AEL programs. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL...
November 2023
Edtech TA Library
Learn about the CREATE Adult Skills Network team’s brand new, carefully curated technical assistance resource repository to support adult literacy educators across the nation. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL Consortium....
October 2023
Leveraging Educational Technology for Career and Academic Success
Denise Alexander of Bucks County Community College shares how they address the challenges as well as the strategies and solutions for addressing their needs in post-secondary and adult education settings. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the...
October 2023
Technology as a Driver for Equity, Access, and Outcomes
Dr. Katie Brown discusses the challenges as well as the strategies and solutions for addressing student needs in post-secondary and adult education settings. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL...
September 2023
LinkedIn’s Future of Work Report: AI at Work
In this lightning talk, Efrem Bycer joined the EdTech Center to share insights from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph. Using the latest data from the platform, Efrem shares how advancements in AI will impact the future of work. EdTech Strategy sessions are an...
April 2023
Maryland’s Digital Literacy Framework Learning Modules
The Maryland Department of Labor explains the genesis of the Digital Learning Framework (DLF) Learning Modules, including why and how they were developed. The presenters touch on challenges and lessons learned, concluding with their vision for their future...
April 2023
Advancing Digital Equity for All
In this lightning talk from the April 2023 EdTech Strategy Session, Jessica Ch’ng and Ji Soo Song from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology (OET) discuss how adult education leaders can get involved in state digital equity...
March 2023
Introducing the Digital Skills Glossary
Learn about how the DRAW initiative facilitated an EdTech Maker Space in which educators made an open Digital Skills Glossary. With over 100 vocabulary terms, images, pronunciation, and example sentences, the glossary is a comprehensive resource. Best of all?...
March 2023
CK-12: Digital FlexBooks for Adult Education
Neda Anasseri from OTAN presents on their partnership with CK-12, premiere free online interactive textbooks, to create digital resources with adults in mind. OTAN created a webpage that holds FlexBooks for CTE, ESL, ABE, and ASE. Join the OER movement for...
February 2023
Statewide Asynchronous Tech Support for Teachers
In this lightning talk from February 2023, Jose Adorno shares how the Adult Education Training and Development Network Technology Project (Digital ATDN at EdAdvance) put together a tech support app for teachers in CT. The app was created to offer curated,...
February 2023
Non-Linear Learning
Joey Lehrman from Community Learning Partners presents on non-linear learning and explores how course design and structure can better reflect “messy learning,” and in doing so, help students build essential independent learning skills. EdTech Strategy...
January 2023
Using Technology to Amplify Student Voice
Anthony Burik of the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network introduces a framework for types of student voice and demonstrates how tech tools can be leveraged to engage and amplify students’ voices. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of...