EdTech Strategy Sessions

EdTech Strategy Sessions

Every month, our virtual strategy sessions convene two lightning talk speakers to share innovative edtech and digital equity strategies.

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February 2024
Implementing Digital Literacy
Susan Grochoswki, IET Coordinator for the Peninsula Regional Education Program in Virginia, has put a myriad of resources, including Essential Education’s Digital Literacy Implementation Guide, to use in order to align digital literacy to learner’s future...
February 2024
Tech in Corrections with Workbay
Stephanie Taylor-Thompson, Director of Re-entry Transformation at Workbay, uses her own experience as a system-impacted professional to support others who are re-entering the workforce. Stephanie and Mary Hayes, Workbay’s founder, have designed a robust...
January 2024
Reflections on the Mobile-Optimized USA Learns Website
Andrea Willis shares updates about the USA Learns website and what features have been updated since 2020. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL...
January 2024
Reflection: The EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit
Jeff Goumas reflects on the evolution of The EdTech Integration Strategy Toolkit. Since releasing the Toolkit, we have expanded our work around edtech routines into our PD and technical assistance work. Within this, we’ve gained insights into which tools...
January 2024
Reflection: Science behind Successful Blended Language Learning at Scale
We are in a time of unprecedented potential for Education Technology. Dr. Katie Brown of EnGen discusses three things that have been shaking up the worlds of education and technology in a way that can drive inclusivity, efficiency, access, and outcomes....
January 2024
Reflection: Integrating Google Applications on a Weebly Site
Kris Klass shares what has changed since their 2020 lightning talk, EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL...
January 2024
Reflections on the Readability for All Project
Rick Treitman of Adobe provides updates on Liquid mode as a tool for equity, field testing efforts to date, and research findings. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL...
December 2023
ChatGPT for ESOL
Yeonjai, an ESL instructor, shares her experiences and insights regarding the effective use of ChatGPT, including prompt-writing tips, GPT for sheets and docs for writing lessons, and limitations and advantages as an evaluation tool.   EdTech Strategy...
December 2023
Localizing Content with GAI
Shawn Chattin shares how he’s using GAI tools to leverage stories that draw from the local community and learners to promote language learning.     EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL Consortium.  ...
November 2023
Texas’ Call Center
Explore the Texas Distance Education Call Center’s origin, importance, services, and two-year impact on Texas AEL programs. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL...
November 2023
Edtech TA Library
Learn about the CREATE Adult Skills Network team’s brand new, carefully curated technical assistance resource repository to support adult literacy educators across the nation. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the IDEAL Consortium....
October 2023
Leveraging Educational Technology for Career and Academic Success
Denise Alexander of Bucks County Community College shares how they address the challenges as well as the strategies and solutions for addressing their needs in post-secondary and adult education settings. EdTech Strategy sessions are an initiative of the...