EdTech Strategy Sessions

Since March 2020, the EdTech Center has hosted EdTech Strategy Sessions (formerly known as Distance Education Strategy Sessions) on a weekly to monthly basis. The virtual strategy sessions convene leaders, practitioners, educators and more to share and discuss your distance learning questions. Held every 2nd Friday at 10 AM PST, 12 PM CST and 1 PM EST via Zoom.

📅 Next Session: February 10, 2023 — Non-linear Learning & Using Glide to Create an App with On-Demand PD Resources
Watch a video. Read an article. Then post once to the discussion board and reply to two other students. Sound familiar? Online learning 1.0 followed a typical linear path. Complete a few steps and then you’ll have learned! But we know that learning is often messier. In the first lightning talk with Joey Lehrman, we will explore how course design and structure can better reflect “messy learning,” and in doing so, help students build essential independent learning skills. In the second lightning talk, Jose Adorno shares how the Adult Education Training and Development Network Technology Project (Digital ATDN at EdAdvance) put together a tech support app for teachers in CT. The app was created to offer curated, short tutorial videos to support teachers on specific tasks to facilitate troubleshooting, saving videos, and accessing them when problems arise. The session will discuss the steps taken to search programs, curate videos, and select which features in Glide Apps were used to make the app accessible to teachers. Register here.

Below, you can watch the most recent lighting talk or access lightning talks from all previous sessions in this youtube playlist.

Webinar Recordings, Resources & More

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