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The EdTech Center @ World Education was launched in October 2015 to leverage new digital technologies to increase the reach and impact of adult education. Housed at World Education in Boston, our staff designs and implements our work in collaboration with our EdTech Partners, who are a “Dream Team” of go-to experts in using educational technologies to increase the education, career, and life outcomes of lower-skilled adults and youth.

We are one of few centers promoting learning exchange and partnership between edtech leaders in the United States and international experts.

World Education was founded in 1951 to meet the needs of the educationally disadvantaged. By 2017, World Education had 170 projects in 19 countries and over 600 staff members. The EdTech Center is led by World Education’s U.S. Division, a national leader in building the quality of services in adult education through demonstration projects, professional development, and targeted technical assistance.

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