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COVID-19 Response

We have rapidly mobilized resources to safeguard education, mitigate disruptions, and support programs during this crisis. Visit our Tips for Distance Learning page for resources and read more about our global efforts.

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Educational technologies advance at rapid speeds. Our experts help you identify, design, implement, evaluate, and promote best practices in leveraging technology to accelerate learning.

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Catalyzing an edtech movement

to expand reach and impact of adult and youth education

The EdTech Center @ World Education leverages technology to increase the reach and impact of education and workforce initiatives and to enable everyone to thrive and be active, informed citizens in the new digital world. We work with partners to accelerate learning, digital literacy, college and career readiness and economic mobility. Together we are catalyzing an edtech movement that puts the needs of learners and instructors first. Join us now! 

Professional Development

Online and in-person training to share best practices and foster edtech leadership

Research & Evaluation

Research, identification, and testing of new tools, emerging best practices, and delivery models


Meeting learners’ needs in partnership with tech developers and education and community organizations


Education on the power of technology for adult learning and advocacy for greater Internet and technology access

What’s New

Our latest projects, professional development resources, and blog posts

The Transforming Distance Education course is now live on our site! The free and open course offers four learning modules developed by the EdTech Center @ World Education with support from the US Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE) to provide timely, high-quality professional development on distance and blended learning.

The EdTech Center @ World Education has partnered with Adobe and Readability Matters to bring you this webinar on readability in digital texts and literacy. We’ll introduce readability and why it matters and share promising tools for supporting enhanced, personalized readability in digital texts for learners. We’ll also show examples of how you can use these tools with content and articles from The Change AgentRegister here.

New Report: Leveraging Technology to Increase Opportunity

Introducing the 21 CLEO Project page!

EdTech Center’s Guide to COABE 2021

EdTech Center’s Guide to COABE 2021

We’re looking forward to another great COABE conference this year filled with learning, networking and rich conversations on technology integration and adult learning. Having trouble deciding which sessions to attend? Our team created this curated list of sessions...

So, Why Persona?

So, Why Persona?

In our last several blog posts, we’ve shared the personas that we generated using interview data analyzed through a qualitative coding process. While each working learner that we interviewed has their own unique story, we used persona development to find patterns...

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