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Educational technologies advance at rapid speeds. Our experts help you identify, design, implement, evaluate, and promote best practices in leveraging technology to accelerate learning.

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We support practitioners in integrating technology into instruction and programs. Learn more about our in-person, E-learning, and custom training options for individuals, groups, and states.

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The EdTech Center @ World Education supports educators in integrating technology into instruction and program delivery to accelerate learning, digital literacy, and college and career readiness. With our esteemed EdTech Partners, we are catalyzing an edtech movement that puts the needs of learners and instructors first. Join us now!

Professional Development

Online and in-person training to share best practices and foster edtech leadership


Research, identification, and testing of new tools, emerging best practices, and delivery models


Meeting learners’ needs in partnership with tech developers and education and community organizations


Education on the power of technology for adult learning and advocacy for greater Internet and technology access

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Using Northstar in the Classroom

Using Northstar in the Classroom

The online Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment has helped over 2 million adults identify the gaps in their digital skills and gain recognition for their strengths. In this tech tip, adult educator JennaRose Dahl shares how she uses Northstar with her learners. “If...

Converting a Lesson to Integrate Technology

Converting a Lesson to Integrate Technology

By Leah Peterson Have you ever found a lesson that looked interesting and engaging but didn’t have the tech elements you were hoping for? This is the story of how I adapted a lesson from the The Change Agent, a magazine and website for adult learners, to be more...

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