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We support practitioners in integrating technology into instruction and programs. Learn more about our in-person, E-learning, and custom training options for individuals, groups, and states.

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The EdTech Center @ World Education supports organizations to integrate digital technologies into instruction and program delivery to accelerate learning, digital literacy, and college and career readiness. We work with our partners to enable everyone to thrive and become active, informed citizens in the new digital economy. We are catalyzing an edtech movement that puts the needs of learners and instructors first. Join us now! 

Professional Development

Online and in-person training to share best practices and foster edtech leadership


Research, identification, and testing of new tools, emerging best practices, and delivery models


Meeting learners’ needs in partnership with tech developers and education and community organizations


Education on the power of technology for adult learning and advocacy for greater Internet and technology access

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What We’re Reading – August 2018

What We’re Reading – August 2018

Skillsmart's white paper, Skills-based hiring expands across Western Massachusetts  provides a compelling example of technology 'screening in' candidates for work they might not qualify for through a traditional resume. A hospitality company realized that to find...

What We’re Reading: Critiquing Adult Participation in Education

What We’re Reading: Critiquing Adult Participation in Education

Many of you have probably seen by now the first report from the Critiquing Adult Participation in Education project (CAPE) on Deterrents and Solutions. The need to leverage technology to provide alternative, flexible, anytime, anywhere, personalized solutions was...

Teaching Tech Skills to Older Adults

Teaching Tech Skills to Older Adults

It’s 2018, and at this point you can toss an iPad to a 4-yr-old and they’ll be able to find some games to play, but this is not necessarily the case for older adults. Just like any new thing, it’s easier to master when you’ve grown up with it, than when it’s thrust...

Experimenting with Google Assistant in ESOL Classrooms

Experimenting with Google Assistant in ESOL Classrooms

Digital tools and technology are part of everyday life. Mobile devices can tell us where to go and how to find things. We use apps to calculate monthly bills, plan trips, and showcase favorite memories. A world of information is at our fingertips, and at the sound of...

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