Cambodia Digital Education Project

Teachers using technology during training. Cambodia.

Through funding from CDPF Phase III under UNICEF, World Education is supporting the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the Department of IT (DIT) to enhance the digital learning environment for educators and education staff through the development of a high-quality, integrated online platform for continuous professional development (CPD). The online platform will integrate with the country’s HRMIS platform and will host accredited and non-accredited courses for teachers, teacher educators, school administrators, education officials and other education staff across MoEYS.

Guided by principles of human-centered and user-centered design, building for long-term sustainability, ensuring accessibility and equity, and responsible use of technology, World Education began its education technology design work by conducting a national landscape scan with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the existing digital learning interventions, including platforms and tools that were or are in use for students and teachers and in what contexts they are effective or not. At the same time, World Education conducted a user and system requirements gathering process.

Following the findings from the landscape scan, user mapping and platform requirements gathering process, World Education led a co-design workshop to determine key platform design decisions and has been collaborating with the MoEYS DIT and other departments to design, develop and pilot the CPD platform nationally.

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