JSI and World Education Announce Organizational Merger


Effective July 1, 2023, World Education, Inc. will become World Education, a division of JSI.

Since 1951, World Education, Inc. has worked to reduce disparities in education and strengthen safety net programs around the world. JSI, founded in 1978, is a global public health nonprofit organization that works to improve health outcomes for all. The merger is an acknowledgment of a more than 30-year relationship, during which JSI and World Education have been affiliated as organizations working on the intersecting issues of public health and education with a shared commitment to equity and innovation.

Together, JSI and World Education will leverage a single administrative infrastructure to support programs. In merging, we are enhancing experience and expertise, streamlining collaboration, and strengthening our ability to fulfill our mission while remaining committed to local-level decision-making.

This merger will enable JSI and World Education to better meet the needs of communities, and pursue a collective mission of improving lives through greater health, education, and socio-economic equity. Though we will operate as one organization, the rich legacy of each brand will continue.


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