Cambodia Digital Education Landscape Scan

From October 2022 to January 2023, World Education conducted a Cambodia Digital Education landscape scan to map existing efforts and assess their quality, effectiveness and impact, accessibility and adoption, and efficiency and sustainability. The goal of this national landscape scan was to gain a deeper understanding of the existing or emerging digital learning interventions for teachers and students, including platforms and centers, that were or are in use and for whom and in what contexts they are effective or not. The team employed a mixed-methods approach that featured key informant interviews, online surveys, desk research, focus group discussions with teacher educators and general education teachers. In total, research was conducted with over 500 stakeholders in diverse education settings across 20 provinces. The landscape scan culminated in a co-design workshop in February 2023 bringing together 25 participants from technical departments of MoEYS, other relevant government agencies, and development partners to triangulate findings and co-develop recommendations.

This report provides a summary of key findings, a description of innovative efforts and practices, and targeted recommendations. It also includes a live database, the Digital Education Inventory, that contains a searchable repository of digital tools and interventions used to promote digital education in Cambodia.