EdTech Center resources include publications, webinars, articles, and other formats that explore topics related to all aspects of using technology with adult learners.

WEBINAR: Innovative Digital Learning Models for ELL Immigrant Adults

Mobile and other technologies make possible anytime, anywhere learning to extend education to previously underserved adults and to expand learning beyond classroom walls. Technology can also accelerate outcomes through personalized instruction and practice. In this webinar, our EdTech Center experts... Read more →

Panel: Promoting Adult Education, Workforce Skills, and Civic Engagement through Digital Learning

This panel presentation took place at the 2017 National Immigrant Integration Conference. Presenters included: Alison Ascher Webber, Director of Strategic Initiatives, EdTech Center @ World Education Johan Uvin, President, Institute for Educational Leadership Aida Cardenas, Building Skills Partnership Stephen Alderson,... Read more →

How Investment in Technology can Accelerate Collective Impact in Adult Learning

Adapted from the Introduction: At the 2017 IDEAL Consortium Institute, ABE state leaders who support development and implementation of distance and blended learning in adult education tackled a series of questions. World Education EdTech Center staff and a representative from Aztec Software... Read more →

Project Care

Project Care is a website with accompanying workbook that could be used for distance or blended learning for high-intermediate to advanced English language learners who want to learn about caring for others while improving their communication with medical personnel. The... Read more →

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