mLearning Resource Hub

Welcome to the mLearning resource hub and community of practice (CoP).

Mobile Learning (mLearning) means learning anytime and anywhere. For adult learners, mLearning can give access to language learning, literacy development, and skill building – using a mode of instruction that best fits within the demands of their busy lives and using the devices they are most likely to have. This website is a hub for connecting to guidance and resources for initiating or enhancing mobile learning programming for adults with English language, literacy, and other basic skill development needs.

Resource Sharing

Explore resources and tools to support effective mobile learning in four key areas of implementation:

Outreach – Making your mLearning visible

Resources to help you communicate your mLearning efforts to attract new learners, inspire teachers, and share your success

Onboarding – Getting new users started

Tools, guidelines, and tips for onboarding for learners and teachers new to mLearning

Instructional Support – Keeping users engaged

Instructional resources to support learner personalization, persistence and success

Evaluating apps – Finding the right apps

Guidance and resources to help you know if an app is a good fit

Do you have a favorite tool or resource? Submit your mLearning resource here!

Community Support

By accessing this Community of Practice, attending webinars, contributing resource recommendations, or commenting on how you have used the resources included here, you are part of the CoP! We are stronger together, so please do contribute.

The EdTech Center @ World Education is the glue that holds the CoP together. Based on needs conveyed by the Leadership Team, the ETC provides support in several ways:

  • Hosting regular webinars on critical mLearning implementation topics,
  • Sharing effective practice via blog posts and conference presentations,
  • Updating resources on this site.

Join the conversation by participating in our CoP. Let’s Move Forward with Mobile Learning!


Move Forward with Mobile Learning was the tagline of Team WorldEd for the Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition, which ended in August 2019. Team WorldEd, a diverse, virtual community of adult education providers, was named the Tier 1 Achievement Winner in the Barbara Bush Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation for its innovative and award-winning strategies to empower adults with low literacy skills to use four free mobile learning tools that were free during the competition: Cell-Ed, Learning Upgrade, Amrita Learning, and Codex: Lost Words of Atlantis.

The mLearning Leadership Team

The mLearning Leadership Team is made up of education leaders who care deeply about increasing access to educational opportunities for adult basic skills and literacy learners. This innovative group of adult education practitioners and leaders agree that the way to reach more learners is to build innovative mLearning opportunities in their programs. The Leadership Team regularly meets to share effective practice known in their professional networks – and then contributes those resources to this CoP.

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