Track and Trace

In Cambodia, under the Track and Trace project, World Education is conducting research into the procurement and distribution of textbooks. Track and Trace improves the transparency and accountability of the education supply chain by showing the actual location of textbooks throughout the ordering and distribution process. The Track and Trace technology allows government officials, school-level stakeholders such as support committees, parent associations, local partners, and distributors to track, in real time, the ordering and distribution of books and other supplies to ensure that they reach classrooms in a timely manner and in the right condition.

This intervention seeks to generate rigorous evidence on the effectiveness of a results-based financing (RBF) intervention that provides incentive to roughly 400 school communities in two provinces and other key players in the supply chain in order to build a robust supply chain for the distribution of text books to classrooms in Cambodia. Through the project, World Education will develop a mobile tool that improves end-to-end data visibility of the textbooks supply chain in Cambodia while building stakeholder commitment to continued data use.

For more information about WEI’s work with JSI on the Track and Trace technology, visit the Global Reading Reading network website here or take a look at this project overview.



Putting Goals before Tools: Locally Led Approaches for Technology in Education