Badging in Action: Becoming a Tech Integration Coach in Texas

Apprentice I Badge

Apprentice I BadgeTo catalyze the use of technology in workforce and adult education instruction across Texas, the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning, TRAIN PD, at Texas A&M launched in April a 7-level badge program for certifying Technology Integration Coaches. Badges 1 and 2 cover basic digital literacy aligned to the ISTE Standards for students and include Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments. Starting at Level 3, participants start to receive training to be Tech Integration Coaches and must complete 10-12 activity badges per level on training and mentoring their peers.

“We’ve come to the realization that while a teacher can participate in a face to face training and be all excited about the content, there’s really no way we can confirm that they’ve actually implemented what they learned back in their classroom. Having a Tech Integration Coach at each local program to coach and guide teachers will make a huge impact on how effective the training was on student success in the classroom.”

— Deb Hargrove, Director of PD, Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning

Journeyman I BadgeServing a large state with diverse urban and rural areas, the Texas Workforce Commission is focused on developing local leadership. As John Gilbert Stevenson with Adult Education and Literacy at the Commission said: “We’re using the coaching model to build local capacity so we develop experts out in the field all across Texas, not just here in Austin. This is a model we’re using also for other statewide projects, including career pathways mentors, distance learning mentors and instructional coaches for content standards implementation. We want to know that our teachers can rely on local resources for the support and training they need.”

“Having programs and teachers not integrating technology into instruction is just not an option any more. Badging offers a fun and scalable way to develop Technology Integration Coaches.”

— Glenda Rose, PD Specialist and Project Chief Designer, Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning

This effort is in its infancy, but project leads are happy to provide more information. Contact Debra Hargrove at or post your thoughts and questions in the comments.

Texas is a member of the IDEAL Consortium, a project of the EdTech Center at World Education. Glenda Rose and AnneMarie Molinari will be representing Texas at this year’s summer Institute where they will be presenting on their badging system. Additionally, Debra Hargrove is a partner of the EdTech Center. 

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