All in One Place: References Cited in 21 CLEO Work


By 21CLEO Research Team

COVID19 may have knocked us off our feet for a little while, but we continue with our mission to understand the forces that support working learners to engage in employer-sponsored learning opportunities. In particular, we are interested in amplifying working learner voices in the conversations around upskilling. To that end, in addition to interviewing working learners and key stakeholders, we’ve been reading extensively about the state of employer supported learning opportunities.

Thus far we have shared 10 blog posts. Taken together the posts comprise an environmental scan of employer sponsored learning as well as an introduction to our work.  Each of those posts contain links to sources of information that we drew from. We hope you find our synthesis of the literature helpful, but we want to provide easy access to the key resources we refer to so that you can find them and use them for your own purposes.

To that end we have created a Google sheet that contains the resources that we’ve used in our blog posts so far. You can sort or filter the sheet by author, title, keyword, etc. to easily find what you’re looking for. We’ve also included a brief summary of each article.  You can download or save the sheet to your drive. We will continue to update it as we discover new material, so be sure to check back on occasion.  We hope that you find it useful! 

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