By Steve Quann

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In March 2012, I tweeted the following:

Since then Quizlet added lots of new features.

What is great is that in two years it is on now on teachers’ tongues and gotten the attention of reading specialists, such as Sally Gabb. Thanks Sally for suggesting we do a Tech Tip on it!

Creating Flashcards and More
On your first attempt using Quizlet, you might just want to think “flashcards” and adapt instruction to how you might normally use flashcards with your learners. Start by simply – and I mean simply – creating a set of words by typing in the terms and definitions you want your class to study. If you are not working on specific words for a reading or topic of study, then consider using sets of cards that other teachers have made public.

Learners Building Their Own
What naturally happens is that students will ask if they can make their own set. Be ready to take tech integration further by letting them “have at it” and start creating and sharing them with each other. Make sure they deepen the learning experience by recording their own voices, if possible. However, check to make sure they are not sharing incorrect pronunciation!

Blended Learning
Gamify your class sessions. Use a computer and projector or better yet a SMARTboard to show as a series of activities on the screen. Create teams and develop a scoring system. Individual students from each team come to the computer or board to select the correct answers or play Scatter.

Teacher Accounts
Quizlet now has both iOS and Android apps and is on the verge of working out how, with a teacher account, students’ progress can be accessed by both apps. If students will be using computers then it is definitely worth $25 a year.

How do you use Quizlet? Could you share a set with our community?

Steve Quann was a proud staff member at World Education for many years. He was the past Director of the EdTech Center and now consults as an instructional designer on e-learning and mobile learning projects.

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