By Steve Quann
This week is Welcoming Week! Welcoming Week is hosted by Welcoming America and partners to highlight the contributions of immigrants in America. In solidarity with this movement, we wanted to share a website that might be of interest to many adult learners: Immigrant Nation. Students can read and share stories as well as view short films such as the compelling Caretaker.

The Immigrant Nation site walks you through the steps of how to have students add their own stories, including how to find a photo if you don’t have one to use. The stories are set up in two parts, each of 300 characters or less. At the end of each story or video you have the opportunity to add a comment. 

What is really nice about the site is that it could be used with many different levels and types of classes. But having so many options actually makes it somewhat challenging for me to suggest just one possible lesson idea. What we would really like, is to hear from different teachers on how you think it could be used. That way this post could have many different suggestions in the comment section below. Please take a moment to share your ideas. Thanks in advance.

Steve Quann

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Steve Quann was a proud staff member at World Education for many years. He was the past Director of the EdTech Center and now consults as an instructional designer on e-learning and mobile learning projects.

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