Transforming Distance Ed Course

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have answered your most frequently asked questions below.

Question: Where did the resources included in the course come from?

Answer: The EdTech Center @ World Education provides technical assistance and professional learning to adult education programs across the U.S. Through our work with IDEAL Consortium member states, our mLearning Leadership Team, and our Digital US partners (among other initiatives!), we have a bird’s eye view on instructional and programmatic innovation as it is happening. Each practitioner who’s work appears here was asked if we could share it, and they graciously agreed. If you see work here, know that we are grateful!

Question: Am I allowed to use the resources and examples here in my own class?

Answer: Yes! We created examples and gathered resources from practitioners who gave permission to share their work. We all know that together, collaborating with each other, we can save time and resources. If you do copy the shared examples, it’s really best to give credit to either the teacher or program mentioned or to this course. You can do it in the footer, for example:  This resource is based on the work of [name of teacher or program] and found in the EdTech Center @ World Education’s course called Transforming Distance Education.

Question: I’m trying to get access to edit a linked Google docs resource. I requested access but didn’t hear back. Should I request access?

Answer: We are offering resources to serve as templates for you to use in your work. The templates are generally set as “Viewable” by anyone with the link.  You need to make a copy of the document or download it before you can actually edit it. You need not request access to edit it, and won’t receive a response to the request if you do. Here’s how you copy a document.

Question:  I want to see the Google form examples included in the course, but I can’t view them.

Answer: This is likely because you don’t have a Google account. In order to share an example of a Google form, we needed to force you to copy to view it. Otherwise, our resources would be swamped with everyone’s entries, or teachers might give the link to our sample forms and not ever see student responses. You need to have a Google account in order to see these form resources. Here’s how to create an account.

Question: There is a broken link in the course. Who do I contact for help?

Answer: For any questions related to the course content and this site, please contact: Our team will try to respond within 24 hours.

Question: Can I provide feedback on the course?

Answer: Yes! We’d love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions for resources or improvement. Please use this form to submit feedback on the course.

Question: I am interested in learning more about how the course was designed and developed. Do you have any information about it?

Answer: Yes. You can watch the launch webinar which provides a bit of background and more context for how the course came to be.

Question: There are lots of resources referenced in the course, do you have a list of references for all modules?

Answer: Yes. You can access all of the research references here.

Question: I’d like to use this course in my program’s upcoming professional development. Can I share this course with others?

Answer: Absolutely! The course is licensed under creative commons for open use. Please visit the Resources & Support page to learn more.

Question: I completed the topic but I am having trouble accessing my badge. Can you help?

Answer: The EdTech Center has partnered with Credly to issue badges through their Acclaim platform. Please visit the badging page on our site for more information on how to claim and access your badge.

Question: I’d like to learn more about your other professional development offerings. Who can I contact?

Answer: Check out other free, self-paced learning modules offered by World Education.