Today’s post comes to us from Sharon Hennessy. 

I use many of the technology applications found in the Tech Tips for Teachers blog. We have access to ten classroom ipads in addition to individual student smart phones and tablets, so I don’t hesitate to use text apps such as Socrative, Poll Everywhere (see previous post), and TodaysMeet to get student input up front where we can work with their ideas. I like TodaysMeet because it is so easy to set up and it accepts long strings of text.

TodaysMeet is an easy-to-use app. A chat room can be set up instantly. Students just need the web address of the “room” and a task to get going. Recently, I used TodaysMeet to get students thinking about sentence fragments as presented in our textbook. I asked questions students could find the answer to in their reading and then waited for pairs to come up with answers.


Students often race to input their answers so they can see them in front of the class. Sometimes I will specify which student pair should answer a particular question and other times I let everyone input their answers and we compare them.

To review homework, I ask each pair to write an answer to one of the exercise questions. That puts all exercise answers up front so we can discuss misunderstandings or elements of each exercise one question at a time.

TodaysMeet can be used to gather and share student ideas when brainstorming.  The transcript of the meeting room can be captured and shared. I’m sure there are many creative ways this tool can be used for writing.  I’d love to hear what other teachers can think up.

Sharon has been teaching ESOL for 26 years and EL Civics for 10. She currently teaches at Portland Community College, Southeast Campus in an 8-level intensive academic program where she is a technology early adopter. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts with TESOL Certificate from Portland State University and an MAEd in Adult Education from Oregon State University.

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