If you are interested in learning more about new trends in technology use in the classroom this webinar from edWeb covers two at once, STEM and serious game-based learning. The webinar is geared for secondary grades, but some aspects might be adaptable for adult education instructors. While you are on the site, take a look at upcoming free webinars or archived ones. December 3 at 4 pm Eastern Time

From edWeb: Attendees will hear about the benefits of role-based play, collaborative problem-solving, and quest-based exploration and their contribution to the development of skills like analytical thinking, inquiry, and perseverance. 

Looking for more STEM webinars? Try these:

The National College Transition Network did a “Focus on Science” series of two webinars this fall: College and Career Ready Science Teaching Sampler and Getting College and Career Ready in Science. College and Career Ready Science Teaching Sampler provides a tour of free, high quality science teaching and learning resources available on the internet.Getting College and Career Ready in Science focuses on changes occurring in adult education that bode well for science teaching and learning. Recordings of both webinars, as well as additional resources, can be found on the National College Transition Network website.

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