In this issue of The Change Agent, adult learners describe the complicated role that technology plays in their lives—sometimes opening doors, easing communication, nurturing relationships, and improving education, and other times… not so much. Contributors share their tips and tricks for how they make technology work for them, how they persuade their families to occasionally unplug, and how they navigate the pressure to buy new gadgets. Examining the larger context, writers also explore the ecological effects of technology, as well as the role of public policy and the economy on our access to technology.

Edited by Cynthia Peters, World Education. Published by the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC) at World Education, 2013. The Change Agent provides socially relevant content, powerful student writing that inspires discussion, and ready-to-use, CCR-aligned lesson plans – all oriented toward a multi-level audience.  The magazine is published twice a year, in March and September, and available via paper and online subscriptions. Online subscribers also have access to issue extras, audio articles, and teacher resources. Learn more or subscribe at

Excerpt of Issue 37: Technology



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