IDEAL Consortium Updates, 2016-present

The IDEAL Consortium at the EdTech Center will be publishing newsletter reporting on trends and prioritized initiatives in member states.

Report on the 2019 IDEAL Institute, Fall 2019

  • Stronger Together!
  • Discussion and Collaboration on Critical Issues
  • State of the States
  • EdTech Center Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Innovative Collaboration with Publishers

Report on the 2018 IDEAL Institute, Fall 2018

  • We’re Growing!
  • State of the States
  • Shared Issues
    • Sound Data Practices Anchor Program Success
    • Learning Management Systems: Flexibility in Online Learning
    • Professional Development is Key to Success
  • Challenges
    • Blended Learning and Proxy Contact Hours
    • Accessibility in Distance and Blended Learning
  • Implementation Highlights
    • Digital Literacy: A Key Issue
    • Pennsylvania’s Standards-Based Approach for Open Educational Resources

Report on the 2017 IDEAL Institute, Fall 2017

  • First IDEAL Consortium Institute in a Member State
  • EdTech Center Resource Update
  • State of the States
  • Policy and Implementation Highlights
  • Presentation of Creative Use of Technology in ABE

Report on the 2016 IDEAL Institute, Fall 2016

  • Introduction of New Resources
  • State of the States
  • Policy Highlights
  • Featured Presentations

Archived Project IDEAL Updates

The Project IDEAL Update newsletter was published semi-annually. We have maintained the field’s access to these for reference purposes. Newsletters contained updates on states’ distance learning pilot projects and articles on a variety of topics in distance education for ABE, ASE, and ESOL learners.

Project IDEAL Update, Fall 2013

  • The Changing Role of DE in Adult Education
  • DE Enrollment and Level Gains Up in 2013
  • Innovations in the States
  • Study Groups for Distance Learning Coordinators & Teachers
  • Curriculum Changes to Prepare Students for the New Tests and Standards

Project IDEAL Update, Fall 2006-Winter 2007

  • Is Distance Teaching for You?
  • A Success Story in Ohio
  • Strategies to Increase Persistence and Achievement
  • Going to Scale
  • Distance Works for ESOL
  • GED Teachers Rate Curricula

Project IDEAL Update, Spring-Summer 2006

  • AdultEd Online Launched
  • NRS Considers Distance Learners
  • How Important Is Seat Time?
  • Update from the States

Project IDEAL Update, Spring-Summer 2005

  • Finding Good Resources for Students: 14 Teachers Pilot Test New PD Course
  • State Directors Tackle Distance Policy
  • Massachusetts: Keeping the Conversation Alive
  • Missouri: Mentoring Distance Teachers
  • Who Is Distance Education Reaching?

Project IDEAL Update, Fall 2004

  • New Benchmarks for Seat Time
  • Updates from the States
  • Online Data Collection System
  • Study Groups Launched

Project IDEAL Update, Spring 2004

  • Implementing a Distance Learning Program: Planning and Implementation Components that Lead to Success

Project IDEAL Update, Fall 2003

  • It’s Working!
  • Update from the States

Project IDEAL Update, Spring 2003

  • Data Collection Tools
  • Update from the States
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