Final Report – 21st Century Learning Ecosystem Opportunities

The 21st Century Learning Ecosystem Opportunities (21 CLEO) research was launched to
increase understanding of the complexities of learning ecosystems. This report is a summary
that aims to share insights about working learners employed in frontline service work, the types
of education and training initiatives offered to them, and the outcomes from participating in
such employer supported education and training initiatives. The findings shared here are drawn
from the collection of presentations, blog posts, and other publications through which we have
shared our insights along the way (cited throughout), as well as new material developed as part
of our final write-up. More detailed information is available on our Web Report and in the 21
CLEO blog series. All of the materials from our research are archived at PDX Scholar. Graphics
and annotations are available in the report’s interactive synthesis.

Access the final report.

Watch the webinar recording here.