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Readability for All

The EdTech Center @ World Education has partnered with Adobe, Readability Matters and the University of Central Florida to explore how text personalization can improve readability in digital texts and literacy for all ages and abilities.

As remote work and remote learning become the new normal, being able to effectively engage with and read digital documents is now a necessity. In working with Adobe and Readability Matters, we are leading research to uncover how text personalization and user controlled type can empower learners and support better literacy outcomes around the world.

This partnership builds on the work and research of the EdTech Center @ World Education on literacy and digital learning, as well as Adobe’s recent rollout of Liquid Mode, a new tool in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app that improves readability on mobile. In the next few months, we’ll also be piloting other connected resources to support educators and learners in making use of these free tools in their programming.

Webinar Resources & How to Get Involved

In our October 23rd webinar, we introduced readability and why it matters and shared promising tools for supporting enhanced, personalized readability in digital texts for learners. Also included are examples of how you can use these tools with content and articles from The Change Agent. Key action steps from the webinar:

View the webinar below:

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