Words2Learn developed and piloted two apps that accelerate learning of academic and health career-related vocabulary for adults preparing to enter post-secondary education and technical training. The project was funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and designed and managed by World Education’s National College Transition Network. As part of the pilot, a survey was completed in 2013 with over 100 students. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the potential for using mobile learning with adult education students, and English language learners in particular. You can review the survey results here.

Participating teachers reported that the approach, the apps, and the learning management system increased student vocabulary. “Students universally liked the app, found it easy to use, found the form of activities interesting and engaging, and found it helpful for their own learning.” While slightly more than 50 percent of students passed a pre-test of the words, 79 percent passed the post-test.

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