National Immigration Forum Digital Learning Strategy

Man working on a laptop and smiling

The National Immigration Forum’s Skills and Opportunity for the New American Workforce initiative provides English language instruction for immigrants working in retail in Houston, Miami and New York City. Classes are held at retail work sites right before or after shifts to encourage participation. The courses take a blended learning approach with 40% of instruction taking place in person and the remaining 60% online.

The online modules give learners the chance to practice new vocabulary and build their fluency with topics such as greeting customers, helping customers find what they’re looking for, and making change. Additional resources are provided that list industry and store specific terms and abbreviations.

Skills and Opportunity for the New American Workforce is partnering with the EdTech Center at World Education on strategies for improving their learning management system and course registration process. By updating their online learning modules and the systems they have in place, they will be positioned for a national scale-up enabling them to serve many more learners.