Empower II – Ghana

Text message

EMPower II worked with local organizations to ensure that the most at-risk populations in Ghana could access necessary HIV prevention information and support services.  A key component of the project was using bulk text messaging to confidentially communicate important HIV prevention and treatment messages to subscribers. These messages were designed to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS possessed life-saving information about HIV transmission (including key behaviors to minimize transmission) and access to treatment and services. Additionally, EMPower II adapted INFOREACH (an existing HIV Prevention outreach guide that covers the 10 key HIV prevention behaviors, including legal issues, family planning, stigma, and discrimination) to suit the particular needs of the project’s target groups. The INFOREACH content was recorded on mobile phone memory cards and CDs and distributed to Lead Trainers and Counselors to use in one-on-one and support group sessions, and for large anti-stigma outreach campaigns. In April 2015, the Empower II project was featured in the USAID African Strategies for Health’s mHealth Compendium Volume 4.