By Steve Quann
Project-Based Learning ExplainedView the video below to see one of the best explanations of project-based learning (PBL) on the web. Although its focus is on youth and only touches on the use of technology, I think you will find that you can easily see how project-based learning is one of the best ways for teachers to integrate technology in the adult classroom and at the same time improve learners’ digital literacy.
What is Project-Based Learning 2.0? 
With technology such as Web 2.0 tools, what I call the PBL 2.0 approach, emphasizes problem solving using social media. PBL 2.0 can be used to advance learners’ critical thinking skills and strengthen students’ research and communication skills.

“….research finds that students learn more when they use technology to create new content themselves, rather than just being the recipients of content designed by others. A number of studies have found that students demonstrate stronger engagement, self efficacy, attitudes toward school, and skill development when they are engaged in content creation projects. Among other examples, this can include engaging in multimedia content creation to communicate ideas about the material they are studying by creating reports, graphic representations of data they have researched or developed, websites, PowerPoint presentations, video production, digital storytelling, and other means.”
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In PBL 2.0, learners use Web 2.0 and other technologies to create and share products developed in collaboration with other adult learners, thereby preparing learners for the 21st century skills they need to prepare them for college and careers.

I hope you will consider learning more about PBL 2.0 by taking the course that I wrote for World Education E-Learning, Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning. It will be offered this summer facilitated by Diana Satin. Learn more

Steve Quann was a proud staff member at World Education for many years. He was the past Director of the EdTech Center and now consults as an instructional designer on e-learning and mobile learning projects.

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