Professional Development

Custom Professional Development

We offer customized professional development to states, regions, and program groups that draws on our online courses, webinars, in-person workshops, and membership options to craft the professional development package that’s the right fit. Additionally, we develop new online courses, webinars, and workshops to address specific initiatives, needs, and contexts and align with existing systems. 


  • E-learning for extended professional development
  • Self-paced online courses for state-wide training initiatives
  • In-depth online courses available when you need them
  • Blended professional development strategies

How to Get Started

Contact Victoria Neff at or 617-385-3671 to discuss options. Groups of all sizes welcome. We look forward to working with you!

Online Courses

+Browse our catalog of facilitated and self-paced courses.

IDEAL Consortium Membership

+The network of member states working toward improving their distance education and blended learning practices through teacher training, research, and the exchange of ideas.

Conference Strands and Workshops

+Follow the EdTech Center as we present at conferences across the country.

Extended Professional Development

To foster the development of quality blended learning programming in ABE across the state, dozens of teachers in Arizona participated in an extended PD experience as part of their IDEAL Consortium membership. The professional development stretched over the course of several months and included multiple modes of teacher learning: in-person meetings, online coursework and discussion, and supported piloting of new blended learning opportunities for their students.

Integrated Course Catalogs

Multiple states have offered our online courses through their state professional development catalogs allowing for a streamlined process for individuals to take online professional development courses. States can use dates already available in the course calendar or can select dates that work best for them.

Customized Course Development

We developed a 30-hour self-paced Career Coach Course for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). This  course serves as the cornerstone for VCCS Career Coach Certification.

State Initiatives

In Minnesota, educators have participated in our courses as part of their Minnesota Numeracy Initiative (MNI):

“MNI is a year-long hybrid of professional development for Adult Basic Education teachers, in the field of mathematics. In addition to other components like full-day meetings and webinars, the participants take two numeracy courses. The courses provide a great foundation. After the year of training is complete, participants are encouraged to take additional courses to continue their numeracy education.” — Rebecca Strom, Math Instructor, MNI Project Lead

Blended Professional Development

The Technology Integration Project (TIP) was a blended professional development initiative focused on building the capacity of adult educators to incorporate technology into instruction. TIP featured:

  • A facilitated online course,
  • Mentoring to develop technology-supported lessons,
  • Collaboration and peer observation, and
  • Practice using technology to share and present work.

Cohorts of all Sizes

In Texas, hundreds of educators have taken our courses through the TRAIN PD Consortium:

“With an enormous state to serve and a mandate to provide professional development based in research, TRAIN PD has relied on World Education for provision of intensive, highly engaging professional development opportunities for Texas adult educators and their partners in higher education who also serve underprepared adults. Career pathways and college transitions are high priorities in Texas, making World Education facilitated online courses a great fit for the state’s needs.”  — Harriet Vardiman Smith, Managing Director, TRAIN PD Consortium, Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning

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