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The mLearning Leadership Team

The mLearning Leadership Team is made up of education leaders who are passionate about increasing access to educational opportunities for adult basic skills and literacy learners. This group of adult education practitioners and leaders agree that the way to reach more learners is to build innovative mLearning opportunities into their programs. The Leadership Team regularly meets to share effective practice known in their professional networks – and then contribute those resources to our Community of Practice. Check out the events calendar and join an upcoming event to stay updated on our work.

Jacqueline Chernoble

Diana Satin

Nora Sheridan

Xavier Munoz

Sherry Lehane

Michael Matos

Debra Hargrove

Ginette Chandler

Paula Jurigian

Katie Bratisax

Jackie Aguilera

Kristin Hempel

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt

Lori Slayton

Michelle Diecuch

Todd Evans

Heather Richie

Fatima Ghailan

Jenna Kelly

Heidi Silver-Pacuilla

Jeff Goumas

Ashly Winkle

Rachel Riggs

Jamie Kreil

Heather Heunermund

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