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Instructional Support

Adults new to mLearning generally need help staying engaged. Events like a change in job shift or a move can create barriers to learning and derail the best laid plans. Programs can help by providing instructional support – assistance given with the goal of improving persistence and success. Instructional support includes strategies like personalized coaching, peer tutoring, technical support, access to wifi, or other resources developed to keep learners on track. The type and frequency of instructional support may range depending on the digital literacy skills of the learner, the learning application content, the device used to deliver the content, and/or the goals of the program.

We know that media-rich and personalized support helps learners persist (Sharma, Vanek, Webber, 2019). For example, home care providers in the Boston area used a mobile app called Care Academy, which was designed to help them pass a test to become certified Home Health Aids. The app relied on rich multimedia with graphics, professional videos using actors, and short interactive assessment activities. Learners viewed videos, readings, and explanations to prepare for in-person demonstration classes. 

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