In 2015 we welcomed many new voices to Tech Tips. Connie Rivera kicked off the year with her four part series Approaching Technology with a Mission in Mind that considered how to frame our integration of technology into teaching so as not to get too overwhelmed by the massive selection and constant changes. Chris Bourret contributed posts on using Google VoiceSocrativeQuizlet, and others. David Rosen explored blended learning and Patricia Helmuth contributed posts on math. Posts by Steve Quann, Leah Peterson, Susan Gaer, Diana Satin, Becky Shiring, Jen Vanek, and Amy Vickers explored diverse topics from game-based learning to financial literacy. See below for links to posts by each contributor. You can read more about all of our contributors on our About Us page.

In addition to posts by our contributors, we’ve shared webinar and new resource announcements, and on July 21st, we celebrated our 100th post with a poll. Our polls are still open, so if you didn’t vote then, you can still add in your two cents to the 100th post poll or our topic poll located in the right hand sidebar on our site. What would you like to see covered in the new year? Do you have questions you’d like us to investigate? Take the polls, or leave us a comment!

This Fall we also welcomed the new EdTech Center @ World Education that brings together World Education’s professional development efforts and existing educational technology projects and amplifies their services through our partners. Stay tuned for updates as the Center grows and develops.

Which Tips were your favorites this year? What are your goals for using technology in instruction this year? How about starting the new year off by reading the 2016 National Education Technology Plan? What would you like to explore? Share with us in the comments!

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