EdTech Center: mLearning Webinar Series

Move Forward with Mobile Learning! Join our monthly webinar series to access and learn more about resources and tools to support mLearning implementation across four key areas: outreach, onboarding, instructional support and evaluation.

About: The mLearning website launched just over a few weeks ago and we are excited to offer a webinar series showcasing resources from one of the key practice areas each month. The website and resources come out of the mLearning Leadership Team and our community’s fantastic work using mobile learning apps for adult basic education and and English language learning. 

Wednesday, August 19th at 10 AM Pacific / Noon Central / 1 PM Eastern: Evaluation. Join us for our fourth and final mLearning webinar on evaluating apps. During this webinar, Jen Vanek from World Education will highlight key evaluation criteria teachers might consider when choosing a mobile app to support instruction; Tiffany Brand from Dover Adult Learning Center will share her strategies for involving learners in evaluation after use; and EdTech Center Advisor Jeff Goumas from CrowdED Learning will lead a discussion on the importance of establishing metrics for evaluating app effectiveness based on your goals.

Wednesday, July 15th at 10 AM Pacific / Noon Central / 1 PM Eastern: Outreach. Join us as we showcase tools and strategies for establishing and maintaining effective outreach featuring resources from our mLearning website! During this webinar, Jen Vanek from World Education will outline the steps for planning effective outreach using a communications planning template and will share how one organization uses a Facebook Messenger pop-up to support automated communication; EdTech Center Advisor Jeff Goumas from CrowdED Learning will examine various free tools for communications to be leveraged based on your organization’s goals and end user access; and Melanie Sampson, the Content Director at Literacy Work’s Clear Language Lab—which supports mission-driven organizations in making communication more accessible for adult learners and others who have encountered systemic barriers—will share key principles of plain language that you can incorporate into your communication strategies as well as resources to further your use of these principles. Watch the webinar recording! 

Wednesday, June 17th at 10 AM Pacific / Noon Central / 1 PM Eastern: Instructional Support. Join us as we showcase learnings from our community of practice and resources from our mLearning website. In this webinar, we’ll highlight the work of several innovators: Sherry Lehane from Providence Public Library shares her work on adapting and optimizing teacher created material for mobile instruction; Jeff Goumas of CrowdED Learning will share tools and strategies to help you organize and share free, mobile friendly content with learners​, a​nd Tiffany Brand from Dover Adult Learning Center in New Hampshire shares goal-setting strategies and tools for learners using mobile learning apps. Watch the webinar recording here!

Thursday, May 14 at 11 AM Pacific / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern: Onboarding. This will be the first webinar in a series highlighting resources, examples of effective use and more. We will be joined by the mLearning leadership team and practitioners sharing insight on tools and approaches for effective onboarding; specifically, we will hear how programs have adapted onboarding and orientation activities from in-person to remote. Our presenters are: Xavier Munoz, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia; Kathleen O’Connell, World Education; and Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami, Cell-Ed. Watch the webinar recording here!

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