EdTech Strategy Session: VR in Adult Ed + Learning Playlists with SkillBlox

Each EdTech Strategy Session includes two lightning talks, time for Q & A, and a thirty minute breakout session with the speaker of your choice!

⚡ Virtual Reality for Workplace Readiness with Erin Vobornik 
Erin is going to share how Virtual Reality (VR) could be used in adult education and how it can be implemented in a low-cost, high-reward way!

⚡ SkillBlox Learning Playlists with Jeff Goumas
Jeff Goumas, founder of CrowdED Learning and creator of SkillBlox, brings us exciting updates to this FREE tool for educators that helps them find and remix OER to create customizable learning playlists.

Don’t miss this great session with practical tools and effective strategies!


Oct 14 2022

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