EdTech Center – Distance Education Coaching

We are now offering free small group and 1:1 coaching. This opportunity is running from June through September and is connected to our Distance Education Strategy Sessions. We aim to provide additional support to the field by connecting coaching to specific topics and practice areas presented during the strategy sessions. For more information, please contact the organizers¬†Kathleen O’Connell and Susan Gaer. You can view their coaching sessions and book time with them by following links here: book coaching with Kathleen and book coaching with Susan.

September 18 (1:00 PM EST): Using the ideas and tips put forth by Cynthia Peters, the Editor of The Change Agent, in the September webinar, we will explore how you might use this issue and all of the affordances of TCA website with your remote learners. Book coaching with Kathleen.

August 28 (3:00 PM EST): Google Sites. Book coaching with Susan.

August 28 (1:00 PM EST): As you get ready to launch your fall class, whether in person or remote, these ideas shared with us by Rachael Riggs, from Frederick Community College, at the June 12th Distance Education Strategy session will help you jump start your planning. We will share strategies for maximizing engagement in online classrooms by creating media and setting up role play activities (among other things) to support learning for English language learners. Book coaching with Kathleen.

August 21 (1:00 PM EST): Learn about Google Sites and get your questions answered. Book coaching with Susan.

August 14 (1:00 PM EST): Design a Weebly Class Website. Come learn or get a refresher on how to design an easy to read, user-friendly Weebly website for your class. Did you know you can add your existing Weebly websites into Google Classroom? Come back with your questions for a second session after you have had a chance to explore Weebly. Book coaching with Kathleen.

July 31st (4:00 PM EST): Learning Management Systems. There are so many LMS’s out there. Learn about some of the key differences between Schoology, Edmodo, Google Classroom, Canvas and Moodle. Discover which one best fits you. Book coaching with Susan.

July 29th (1:00 PM EST): Follow up session to Google Classroom. Get your questions answered. Come even if you missed the first session. All are invited. Book coaching with Susan.

July 17th: Do you want to teach students asynchronously (not live) and need to learn how to use Google Classroom? This workshop is for you. We will spend one hour learning how to create a Google classroom and then you will go off to make one. Come back for a second session and share your classroom and questions.

June 19, 2020 @ 10 AM Pacific / 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern – limited to 25 spots! The topic of this session will be on how to use Wakelet in remote ESOL instruction.

June 5, 2020 @ 10 AM Pacific / 12 PM Central / 1 PM Eastern Рlimited to 25 spots! In this first session on Friday, June 5th, we will cover remote teaching for teachers who are digital beginners. 


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