By Steve Quann

: : Tech skills:  web navigation, play video, drop and drag

We know we just sent out a Tech Tip, but we let Computer Science Week sneak up on us. When I first read about the activities, I thought that the Hour of Code idea might not be of interest to many learners or be too daunting, but please believe me you have to take a look and see the beginner tutorial! Not that it is appropriate for all level of adult learners, but with some support I can see some good listening practice with the videos and instructions as well as opportunities for group work, as well as some good fun with games.

Share any comments, your experience using this activity or any suggested variations you have (particularly using other technologies).  

Steve Quann was a proud staff member at World Education for many years. He was the past Director of the EdTech Center and now consults as an instructional designer on e-learning and mobile learning projects.

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