Catalyzing a Mobile Learning Movement in Adult Literacy: World Education Receives Milestone Award from Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition

Milestone award badge

World Education is honored to be a milestone award recipient in the national Adult Literacy XPRIZE Communities Competition. Team World Ed is improving access to learning for adults with low literacy skills through their smartphones.  In this competition, friends, family and community members are invited to participate as well and use the free learning apps.

Adults will not only improve their literacy and English language proficiency, but they will also hone their digital learning skills.  Digital literacy is essential to economic progress, lifelong learning, and civic participation in our rapidly changing world where automation and technological innovation drive change in every sphere of life.  

Team World Ed is also teaching adult educators how to integrate mobile learning in instruction and onboard adults to mobile learning.  “We believe mobile learning has the potential to improve the effectiveness of instruction, accelerate learning, and increase the reach of adult education,” says Alison Ascher Webber, Director of Strategic Initiatives at World Education’s EdTech Center.

Team World Ed is a growing, virtual community of adult education programs, funders, and other partners in six states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Texas. Members include adult education programs, libraries, school districts, volunteer literacy tutoring programs, adult education professional development organizations, career centers, workplace education programs, adult education professional associations, and government and other public agencies. Team World Ed is coordinated by the EdTech Center at World Education.

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