Building Digital Literacy Skills through Student Collaboration


A core focus of the Saint Lucia ConnectEd Activity is to promote creativity and collaboration among students and educators. To achieve this, the project provides opportunities for crowdsourced production of teacher- and student-authored open educational resources (OERs) to support identified curriculum needs, which will be widely accessible via an OER Library for teachers to use, reuse, adapt and share with others.

In line with the project’s aim to develop youth digital skills and showcase the power of collaboration, the Saint Lucia ConnectEd Activity will host a “Know Your Saint Lucia” Content Curation Slam in celebration of this year’s International Day of Education’s theme of “Changing Course, Transforming Education.” Throughout the event, Grade 9 students across the country will be challenged to find, evaluate, and share free digital education resources to crowdsource a mobile learning app. These resources, including images, videos, articles, and other digital learning materials, will relate to Saint Lucian culture, history, geography, and society in correlation with its social studies curriculum. This activity teaches students to identify high-quality digital resources from reputable sources and advances their online literacy skills. The focus on positive youth development enables students to connect with relevant, meaningful material while co-curating content with peers and teachers, to be shared with the wider public.

The Content Curation Slam will launch on February 3, when participants will get an overview of the project and digital and information literacy concepts such as copyright and evaluating online information. A reveal of the crowdsourced app, which will help students learn about their country, is planned for February 21, the day before Saint Lucia Independence Day.


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