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Welcome to Tech Tips! This blog covers topics related to technology use in adult education in the United States. Posts include simple lesson ideas that teachers can use to integrate technology into instruction, updates on what’s happening in the field, new opportunities and resources, and news from our EdTech Center projects.

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Google Quizzes

By Alison Ascher Webber Many of you may already use Google Forms as a survey tool or to pose questions to check for student comprehension. Now formative assessment is all the faster as Google has added the feature of Quizzes to Google Forms. Student responses can be...

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Looking Back at 2016

By Leah Peterson Before leaping into 2017 and exploring even more ways to use technology in education, let's look back at the topics we explored in 2016. Because so many of you have commented that video, and YouTube in particular, is one of your favorite uses of...

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