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We have rapidly mobilized resources to safeguard education, mitigate disruptions, and support programs during this crisis. Visit our Tips for Distance Learning page for resources and read more about our global efforts.

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Educational technologies advance at rapid speeds. Our experts help you identify, design, implement, evaluate, and promote best practices in leveraging technology to accelerate learning.

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The EdTech Center @ World Education works to advance digital equity and enable everyone to thrive as learners, workers, and family and community members in the digital world.

We support organizations to leverage technology to increase the reach and impact of education and social impact initiatives. 

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Online and in-person training to share best practices and foster edtech leadership

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Research, identification, and testing of new tools, emerging best practices, and delivery models


Meeting learners’ needs in partnership with tech developers and education and community organizations


Education on the power of technology for adult learning and advocacy for greater Internet and technology access

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Remote ESOL project banner

Just launched! The Remote ESOL Project website is now live on our site at  Stemming from six months of research, this site holds information for teachers, administrators, policy makers, and researchers interested in leveraging educational technology to support enrollment, attendance, achievement, and completion in remote ESOL programming for adults. 

New Report: Leveraging Technology to Increase Opportunity

Introducing the 21 CLEO Project page!

USA Learns Launches Enhanced, Mobile-Optimized Website

USA Learns Launches Enhanced, Mobile-Optimized Website

by Andrea Willis, USA Learns Director Award winning USA Learns offers new features, upgrades, and now operates on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is pleased to announce a major rebuild of the USA Learns website,...

Considering Who has Opportunities for Training and Advancement

Considering Who has Opportunities for Training and Advancement

A goal of our research is to understand characteristics of employer-supported learning that lead to advancement. In our work to date we have come to understand that it is not necessarily the existence of educational opportunities that matter, but whether or not...

New Project Launched: Digital Resilience in the American Workforce

New Project Launched: Digital Resilience in the American Workforce

Building Skills and Literacy for Equitable Advancement Digital Resilience in the American Workforce (DRAW) is a new initiative from JFF and World Education, with support from The Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), to better prepare adult...

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