21CLEO Research Team Introduces Early Work at COABE

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Join session presenters Jen Vanek, from the EdTech Center@World Education, and Kathy Harris, from the Literacy Language, and Technology Research group, during Session 1, Monday, April 1st 8:00am-9:00am.  Studio 1.


In our session, 21C Learning Ecosystem for Working Learners: An Innovative Research Project we describe our multi-phased study to identify the constellation of factors that motivate and incentivize frontline service workers to engage in learning activities that support development of 21st century skills, specific workplace skills, and adult basic skills (including English language and literacy). This research addresses the need for employers, educators, and policy makers to better understand the characteristics of available learning opportunities and how to engage worker-learners in the development of digital problem-solving necessary to succeed in the modern workplace. In this interactive session you will learn about this unique study designed to amplify the voices of worker-learners and share what you consider essential factors in the 21st century ecosystem. Presenters will share ways to continue the dialogue to ensure this research is meaningful for adult learning programs.

Engage in the dialog now! Please post your views on what constitutes a 21st learning ecosystem below. See you in the session and again online!

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  • Megan godbey
    April 1, 2019 9:29 am

    How do you prepare/select/train the learner advisory board? Are they paid for their time?

  • Hi, Megan! Thanks for your question. We are working out our process now, but yes, we will compensate the working-learner board members for their time. This decision is aligned with our core value of elevating the working learner’s voice in this work.


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