By Leah Peterson

Are you not quite decided if online learning is for you? Here’s why we think it might be:

1. It can make a real difference in the way you teach and in your students’ learning outcomes.  — Our participants consistently comment that they have gained new ideas for improvements they can make in their programs and classrooms.

2. You want to hear other perspectives. — Read posts from colleagues facing similar challenges at programs all over the country.

3. You want feedback on your ideas. — Besides hearing back from your colleagues, our courses are facilitated by experts in the field who will give you personalized feedback on each of your assignments.

4. You want to learn in a supportive environment. — Our facilitators answer your questions and offer encouragement throughout the course.

5. You want a substantial course without a substantial fee. — Our courses are comprehensive and interactive and have been compared to college courses, but without the associated price tag.

6. You want to improve your own tech skills before teaching others. —Regardless of the topic of your course, you’ll be using and growing your tech skills just by participating. Do your students take online courses? Get a better understanding of what it’s like.

7. You want a course that’s designed for the field of adult education.— Our courses are unique and are developed specifically to meet the needs of adult educators, with topics covering areas such as transitions to college and careers, adult student persistence, numeracy, and more!

8. You like to think before you speak. — Mull over your ideas and get it just right before you add your voice to the conversation.

9. No need to find a parking spot or venture out in bad weather! — Learn from the comfort of home, or wherever you like best, all you need is a computer and internet connection.

10. You have a crazy schedule! — Courses are available 24 hours a day. Pick times to go online that work for you.

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Leah Peterson is the Assistant Director of the EdTech Center and manages E-Learning PD, a collection of online courses that provide opportunities for adult education professionals to explore topics that they are facing in their programs, exchange ideas with one another, and get feedback from experts in the field. She also coordinates the IDEAL Consortium, and is the co-founder and editor for the Tech Tips blog. Leah is the Communication Coordinator for World Education/U.S. and supports the NELRC publication, The Change Agent. Leah is currently working toward her M.Ed in E-Learning and Instructional Design at Northeastern University.

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