Professional Development

The EdTech Center provides professional development through World Education’s E-Learning, webinars and face-to-face workshops


Blended and Project-Based Learning
This course reviews the concepts of project-based learning (PBL) and guides participants in learning how they can integrate new and emerging technologies into instruction.

Introduction to Integrating Technology into the Classroom
This multimedia self-paced course helps guide teachers who are new to integrating technology into teaching and learning.


Previously Recorded Webinars

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Panel: Leveraging Trends in Blended, Distance, and Mobile Learning
This audio is from a panel that took place at the National College Transition Network’s 2016 Effective Transitions in Education Conference. Panelists discuss the potential that blended, distance, and mobile learning has for impacting our field and more especially how these movements will influence teaching and learning.

Learning on the Go with Mobile Devices (watch on YouTube)
Cell Ed LogoSusan Gaer and Alison Ascher Webber share best practices from their own teaching and from the field of how adult educators use cell-phones (both basic and smart) and other BYOB mobile devices to provide access to education to adult learners, improve learning in classes, and develop self-directed life-long learners. Hosted by the EdTech Center at World Education, with support from Cell-Ed.
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Assessing Core Tech Skills For Adult Learners With Northstar (watch on YouTube)
northstar logo
The Northstar Digital Literacy Project defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online. It assesses foundational skills through 10 online, self-guided modules: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Word, Social Media, Excel, PowerPoint, and Information Literacy. Since its introduction three years ago, Northstar sponsor sites have grown to nearly 300 in 31 states and territories. Several states, including Minnesota and Rhode Island, are using Northstar statewide in ABE. After briefly introducing Northstar, the webinar explores the newest module, Information Literacy, which assesses increasingly important skills having to do with finding, assessing, and using information found online. We also look at ways in which Northstar is used in different types of settings, and note curricula which correspond to Northstar benchmarks. Presented by Jen Vanek and Tom Cytron-Hysom. Hosted by the EdTech Center@ World Education in partnership with the Northstar Digital Literacy Project, a program of the the Minnesota Literacy Council.
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Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment
Systematic formative assessment makes a difference in how well students learn. Find out how you can improve teaching and learning by hearing what formative assessment is and the research upon which it is based. Learn how technology tools can improve learning outcomes by providing learning progress information to teachers and to students. A panel of adult educators will share how to implement online and mobile assessment tools into the classroom. See how these tools can be adapted and added to your teaching toolbox. Hosted by the LINCS Region 1 Regional Professional Development Center through World Education’s EdTech Center. Download slides.

The New and Improved USA Learns (watch on YouTube)
USA Learns logoUSA Learns is a free online instructional program developed for adults with limited English language skills who cannot attend traditional classroom programs because of difficulty with schedules, transportation, or other barriers. And now, USA Learns is NEW and improved! The new site includes a more user-friendly interface and new activity types. Teachers will appreciate the vastly improved management options, including time tracking, instant grades for each student, easy reporting and more! This presentation covers each of the three current courses, how to create and register student accounts and teacher accounts, an exploration of the teacher management interface, an overview of the USA Learns English apps, and a tour of the site’s many new features. This webinar was presented by John Fleischman and sponsored by Aztec SoftwareDownload slides.

Blended Learning in the Adult Education Classroom
Hosted by the EdTech Center at World Education, this webinar was for those who are new or experimenting with blended(integrated face-to-face and online) learning. Together we will explore questions such as: What is blended learning? Why could blended learning be useful to your adult education program? What are some different approaches to adding an online learning component? Participants are introduced to a new, free, online guide to the blended learning classroom, written by webinar presenter David J. Rosen and published by Essential Education. Download slides.

Helping Learners Problem Solve Using Technology-Rich Environments
This webinar focuses on resources for adult learners and how digital literacy and access to technology can be improved through a project-based approach. Hosted by the LINCS Region 1 Regional Professional Development Center through World Education’s EdTech Center.

Improving Literacy Using Mobile Technology
A panel of practitioners and participants who use technology to support learning and motivation discuss what has worked well and what has promise in the years to come. Hosted by the LINCS Region 1 Regional Professional Development Center through World Education.

Integrating Digital Literacy and Problem Solving into Instruction
This is a collection of lesson plans and ideas to accelerate learning for adult students by improving their use of technology to solve problems and communicate with others. Hosted by the LINCS Region 1 Regional Professional Development Center through World Education’s EdTech Center.

Open Educational Resources
This webinar provides adult education teachers information and hands-on opportunities to learn about OER and their value in adult education. Hosted by the LINCS Region 1 Regional Professional Development Center through World Education

Reboot Your Digital Strategy
Reboot Your Digital Strategy highlights efforts by OCTAE and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to work together to enhance the digital literacy of youths and adults with low skills.Hosted by the LINCS Region 1 Regional Professional Development Center through World Education.


Integrating Technology into Learning. The U.S. Division offers face-to-face and virtual workshops at adult education conferences and programs. For example see  the Technology Integration Project (TIP).

Massachusetts Career Readiness Initiative. This initiative provides Massachusetts’ 32 One-Stop Career Centers, 15 community colleges, and 50 adult basic education programs with the online ACT Career Readiness System user licenses. World Education offers training on blended learning models, supporting programs in their integration of the technology. For an example see, Characteristics of Effective Online Learners and Learning Coaches.