International Team

Meet the EdTech Center’s International Team. They work on projects from Asia to Africa and beyond.


BLANKENBECKLERCorrie Blankenbeckler

Technical Advisor
Corrie Blankenbeckler is a Senior Technical Advisor at World Education, Inc. She leads curriculum development and educator training and evaluation for mother tongue education and early literacy projects. She also supports capacity building and policy analysis in formal and non-formal education, and has developed programs in educational leadership, with emphasis on women and girls’ education.




COMINGSJohn Comings,  EdD
Senior Technical Consultant

John Comings, EdD, is a Senior Technical Consultant at World Education and an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Center for International Education at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. From April 2012 to October 2013, he served in the Obama Administration as an Education Policy Advisor focused on USAID’s early-grade reading initiative, with a particular emphasis on the use of technology. Before that, he was a Principal International Technical Advisor at the Education Development Center from 2008 to 2012. From 1996 to 2008, he was Director of the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL) and a member of the faculty at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Before Harvard, Dr. Comings spent 12 years as Vice President of World Education. Dr. Comings lived and worked in Nepal from 1969 to 1975 and in Indonesia from 1978 to 1980.



Estelle DayEstelle Day
Director for Youth Development

Estelle Day has twenty-one years’ experience of working in the international education sector, focusing mainly on education programs for vulnerable youth in Asia, especially girls. Ms. Day has extensive experience in the planning, design, oversight, implementation, testing, monitoring and evaluation of formal and nonformal education interventions, with an increasing emphasis on the integration of technology for improved learning outcomes. Youth programming interventions span life skills curriculum development, teacher education, workplace readiness, practical and technical skills training, youth-led programming, and parental engagement.

Based out of World Education’s head office since 2005 as a senior adviser on wide ranging education programs, she spent the six years before that working in Cambodia, involved primarily in establishing and leading innovative education interventions to reduce the vulnerability of disadvantaged girls to trafficking, child labor and other forms of abuse. She is currently the Director of World Education’s flagship global positive youth development initiative that has reached over 32,000 vulnerable youth across eight countries aimed at improving the learning outcomes, preparedness for the world of work and civic engagement, as well as reducing unsafe youth migration. In addition to focus areas of life skills and integration of technology in learning, the initiative also includes child protection system strengthening; policy and advocacy; and local capacity building.

Other elements of Ms. Day’s work include development of video and TV programming for national early childhood development interventions; sustained capacity building for World Education’s staff, local partners and government staff; strategic planning; and, new business development. Ms. Day has provided technical services to other agencies such as the World Bank and Save the Children to lead national education quality evaluations and establish program monitoring and evaluation systems. Over the last 21 years, Ms. Day has worked or overseen programs in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Poland, UK and Spain. Ms. Day is a fluent speaker of Khmer.



DOUGLASJacole Douglas
Basic Education Advisor

Jacole Douglas has nine years of experience working in international development and education. As a technical advisor for World Education, Inc., Ms. Douglas supports basic education and mEducation projects, including being involved in the design and development of mobile applications and a website in Cambodia, as well as their rollout to end-users. She has also completed a “Mobiles for International Development” certificate course to better inform incorporating mobile technology into WEI’s projects.



NOYESDavid Noyes, PhD
Chief of Party and Senior Capacity Building Expert USAID | Aprender a Ler Program

Dr. David Noyes has over eight years of experience managing and implementing community development and education programs in Africa. He currently serves as the Chief of Party and Senior Institutional Capacity Building Expert for the USAID|Aprender a Ler (ApaL) project in Mozambique, implemented by World Education, Inc.  In this role, he provides senior level support to all Institutional Capacity Building and Monitoring and Evaluation actives for the program, including providing leadership to all data collection activities associated with the program impact evaluation.  Additionally, he spearheaded development of the mobile-based Rapid School Assessment, which develops the capacity of local education institutions to monitor school-level results and improve data-driven provision of pedagogical and management support.

Formerly, a Senior Education Advisor with World Education, based in Boston, Dr. Noyes provided technical and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) oversight and capacity building for World Education projects in Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire.  He has led national-level ministry capacity building efforts in education monitoring, data-based decision making, planning, and management in Uganda for a WEI HIV/AIDS education program. This work included collaborative development of national indicators for HIV/AIDS education and training ministry staff to conduct high quality data collection in schools.

Dr. Noyes also has experience with WEI’s local organizational development processes, including Rapid Organizational Assessment development and implementation with local institutions. In Senegal, Dr. Noyes led the development of a training plan and assessment framework to guide complete transfer of USAID project implementation to a local organization, including training plans to build capacity in financial and human resource management and activity planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting skills. He has expertise in project monitoring and evaluation systems and instrument design and data collection for large-scale research studies.



QuannSteve Quann
Director of the EdTech Center

Steve Quann is the Director of the EdTech Center at World Education.  With over 30 years of experience in the field of education, he now leads World Education E-Learning and various other educational technology projects. Mr. Quann has a master’s in education and a graduate certificate in instructional technology design.  He has co-­authored two books on technology integration into instruction and facilitates workshops in the United States and internationally.



Huai-Ming SunHuai-Ming Sun
Education Technical Advisor

Huai-Ming Sun is an Education Technical Advisor at World Education, Inc. With over ten years of experience in education and international development, Ms. Sun is deeply committed to the role of education in the developing country context. At World Education, she currently provides advisory to a broad range of programs that focus on adult and teen functional literacy, mobile-based interventions, local capacity development, and public-private partnerships. Ms. Sun has also supported international programs on child labor, human trafficking, gender inclusion, formal education support services, and conflict mitigation and management. Prior to working at World Education, she spent time in the classroom, both formal and informal settings, teaching math and science to secondary school-aged children.



Willem van de Waal

Senior Reading Expert

Willem van de Waal is a senior advisor for World Education, with extensive field experience in several Asian and African countries. He has developed and led projects related to early literacy that included the use of digital teaching aids and M-learning tools.